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Molana-Dairinis abbey,

Blackwater River,

Co. Waterford, Ireland.

Photo courtesy of Andreas Franz Borchert

The international Clan Maelanfaid DNA Project is a volunteer-based, non-profit network of like-minded individuals collaborating to explore the relationships between the names summarized on our Welcome Page.

Graeme Macaloney PhD, the founding administrator and Seanchaidh for Clan Cameron-Canada, has university degrees in microbiology and biotechnology and was a board director of Genome Prairie. He has conducted extensive personal historical research into the Irish and Scottish early medieval and medieval occurrences and origins of the name Maelanfaid, as well as the late medieval Clan Cameron and its Maelanfaid associations. An ex-pat Scot, now based in Victoria, B.C., Canada, his work has taken him to Macaloney Lake in Nova Scotia to acquire Margie Tuttles definitive 'The McAloney Family of North America', Canada; Ballymena, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland; and the Republic of Ireland (University College Dublin library, Blackwater River, Co. Waterford, and Loughrea, Co. Galway, and around Scotland. His own family's genealogical paper-trail carries various spellings of his name including Macaloney, MacAloney, McAlonan, Macalonan, McKlonan and McOlonie. He maintains extensive networks with Macaloney's etc., , Malanaphy's etc., and McAlonan's etc., around the world.

To further enhance the reach and results of this project, we welcome additional administrators or contributors with a historical knowledge of the roots of these names, professional statistical training & experience, and other Malanaphy's, McAlonan's, Cameron's & Macnabb's who have done extensive research into their names, its occurrences and genealogical connections to others of their name.

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